About Us

PT. Mitra nirwana

We are a company driven by the high-demanding Southeast Asia market to deliver the highest quality board games and accessories, especially Indonesia. Our journey began when we first distributing accessories for Trading Card Game (TCG) from Ultra PRO, such as deck boxes, sleeves, and other accessories for card collectors and also TCG players.

From there, we knew that the market here on Indonesia is still very small and young, so we tried to expand our business from accessories distributor, to board games and accessories distributor. We’re starting to approach some of popular board games manufacturers, and after several months fighting to distribute the products, we gain their trust and become their partners. We also expand our product range from Ultra PRO from standard sleeves to board games sleeve and other themed-accessories we could find and also approach new accessories manufacturers.

After 3 years of operating, our customers and partners grew. Right now, we have abundant titles of board games, varies from playstyles, complexity, and mechanics, all yours to choose, and enormous amount of accessories types, ranging from card sleeves, deck boxes, albums, etc. To accommodate the national market, we distribute out products to all across Indonesia.